About Winning Strategies

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As a land planner for 46 years, 26 in Utah, I’ve negotiated a lot of developments.  Even after 46 years, entitlements that make a real bump in affordable housing and generate a celebratory ROI are harder than ever to negotiate.  

To make a real difference, I’ve expanded my work into a team-driven approach to negotiating entitlements.  I hope that you will give me the opportunity to negotiate and design a development that makes a real difference.

Stephen G. McCutchan, Owner

Meet the Team

Negotiating entitlements needs to be team-driven.  Land development and home building is a multi-discipline effort.  


Winning Strategies brings five development professionals who, as needed, work together to prepare and execute an Entitlement Approval Strategy.  You've got your own development team, we'll integrate them into our Entitlement Approval Strategy.

To see the resumes of the Team Members, click on their name or photo.

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Stephen G. McCutchan

Approval Strategist

Chief Negotiator

Land Planner


Matthew Clewett

Government Affairs

Political Strategist

Political Contacts


James T. Dunn, PC


Legal Issues

Development Agreements


Marcus Jessop

Government Affairs

Political Strategist

Political Contacts


Nicholas M. Mingo, PE

Licensed Civil Engineer

Development Engineering


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Dr.  Joseph Perrin, P.E., PhD, PTOE

Licensed Traffic Engineer

Traffic Engineering

Transportation Planning