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Entitlement Negotiations

Entitlements are

  • General Plan Amendments,

  • Rezonings,

  • Planned Developments,

  • Subdivisions and

  • Similar Applications.

Entitlements are

  • Managed by local agency staffs

    • city managers,

    • city attorneys,

    • planning directors and

    • city engineers. 

  • Approved by

    • Planning Commissions and

    • City Councils. 


This requires a coordinated, two-front approach.

  • First, staff needs to be convinced to look differently at a certain property.

    • They need to be convinced to see the same vision that you see. 


  • Second, Planning Commissions and City Councils need to see a significant City benefit.

    • Increasing housing stock,

    • Social progress and

    • Economic increase. 

The Winning Strategies Team simultaneously works on each approach, using the progress of one to win the other.

Land Planning



Stephen McCutchan

  • nationally recognized land planner, 

  • more than 46 years of professional experience and

  • the last 26 years in Utah.

  • Known and respected by Wasatch Front home builders and land developers.

  • Has designed more than 100 communities and more than 20,000 new homes.

  • Extensive experience with planned developments.

  • An expert in finding the right product type for any residential density. 

Team-Driven Approach in Land Planning.

  • If needed, use team members in the land planning work.

  • Civil Engineering and Surveying

  • Traffic Engineering

  • Political Strategy

  • Development Agreements.